Assessments With A View researchers

The assessment market is growing rapidly, but are you getting your fair share of business?


As a vendor, you provide a unique, trustworthy, and specialized solution, but online searches include millions and millions of irrelevant results. Why? Because search engines don’t understand testing and assessment solutions, instruments, or services or the concept of validity and reliability; but you do. And annual trade shows are expensive and might not be in sync with your buyers buying cycle. What if there was a better way to get leads from interested buyers? Well, now there is! 

Just as there are directories for restaurants, software, lawyers, and dog walkers, there’s now a directory for assessment solutions, instruments, and services. 

Introducing Assessments With A View

At Assessments With a View we research to learn about all of the assessment solutions, instruments and services available so that we can categorize and tag them to help buyers quickly narrow their search and find what they need. Buyers can then request more information which provides you with a qualified lead.

Easy To Use

Assessments With a View is not only easy for buyers but also for you. As a vendor, you can register, create a listing, claim an existing listing, and update listings all for free. If you want to explain more, you can sponsor a listing to include more marketing materials and videos. And you can sponsor an article to explain your points of view.  

We’re Here To Help

Assessments With A View founders understand the challenges. We’ve been in your shoes. And so we’ve made Assessments With A View easy to use. And we’re real people and here to help - email us on or call us on 204-500-1123.

Start today by using this simple process:

  1. Register to keep yourself informed
  2. Search to see if we already have your solution, instrument or service listed and if we do claim it and update it
  3. Add new listings to represent all of your offerings

Start by registering for Assessments With A View Today!