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Thank you for dropping by to learn more about Assessments with a View. We appreciate you being here.

As we move Assessments With A View from development to preview we wanted to share information about what we’ve been up to, our philosophies, and our vision.

All of us at Assessments With A View share a vision to serve the needs of human resource professionals, executive coaches, and assessment program managers that need to find the right assessment solution quickly and easily. Whether you’re looking for an assessment to help you with hiring, selecting, promoting, coaching, credentialing, certification, or assessing learning outcomes Assessments With A View will be there ready, willing and able to help you.  Our directory will be available for you 24 x 7 free of charge and, if you need more personal assistance, we’re available for consultations.

What We Do

We are doing the research, so you don't have to!

Well, you might still need to do some research to ensure that an assessment solution will truly meet your needs, however, we’re aiming to give you a head start.

We work to provide you with a directory of assessment instruments, tools, platforms, associations, events, and services alongside validated user reviews across all our assessment categories. From assessment development, validation and delivery services to assessing personalities, individual strengths, leadership coaching, and functional skills.

What We Believe

At Assessments With A View, we believe that using the right assessment instruments, tools, and services at the right time and in the right context is the way to successfully promote harmony and performance in the workplace.

We also believe that identifying the right assessment instruments, tools and service can successfully assist individuals, teams and organizations understand personalities traits, individual strengths, leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and functional skills will benefit all of those involved in the process.

Why Did We Build Assessments With A View

In our previous careers, we had seen that search engine results provided millions of irrelevant results and trade shows represented vendors with large marketing budgets. We wanted to provide a better way of finding the right assessment solution. Our vision is to provide a safe and trustable place that is focused purely on assessment instruments, tools and services and make it free for users.

Who Are We?

We are a multi-national team led by Eric Shepherd who has driven assessment innovation for 25 years of his career. We’ll post a separate article about Eric in the coming days.

The Business Model

Free is great but not sustainable. Assessments With A View is sponsored by vendors and they pay us when they receive web traffic from us, however, we list every assessment vendor, assessment instrument, tool and service we can find - not just the ones that pay us. That way, you can access the full universe of possible options available to you to find your match.

Our Future

We are not limiting ourselves to just a directory of assessment solutions and reviews. Our plan is to engage industry experts in interviews and writing articles to provide a powerful resource for those involved in providing, selecting and using assessment solutions. If you would like to be kept informed please subscribe to our newsletter list today!


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