What We Believe

At Assessments With A View, we believe that using the right assessment instruments, tools, and services at the right time and in the right context is the way to successfully promote harmony and performance in the workplace. We also believe that identifying the right assessment instruments, tools and service can successfully assist individuals, teams and organizations understand personalities traits, individual strengths, leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and functional skills will benefit all of those involved in the process. 

Assessments With A View provides a directory of assessment instruments, tools, platforms, associations, events, and services alongside validated user reviews across all of our assessment categories. From assessment development, validation and delivery services to assessing personalities, individual strengths, leadership coaching, and functional skills Assessments With A View covers it all. 

Knowing the results provided by search engines can be overwhelming we want to provide a safe and trustable place that focusses purely on assessment instruments, tools and services and we wanted it to be free for users. We stay in business because assessment vendors pay us when they receive web traffic directly from us, however, we list every assessment vendor, assessment instrument, tool and service we can find - not just the ones that pay us. That way, you can access the full universe of possible options available to you to find your match.


How Is Assessments With A View Free?

Assessments With A View is free for users because assessment vendors pay us when they receive leads and sales opportunities from us. Assessments With A View directories list as many assessments, tools, events, and services that we can track - not just those that pay us - so that you can make a valid and reliable decision without any financial obligation to us.


About The Founder

In 2019, our founder, Eric Shepherd, after a long stint as a CEO of an assessment provider, knew how difficult it was to select the right assessment instrument, tools, platforms, and services. Eric decided that there had to be a better way and so he founded and financed Assessments With A View to provide a useful resource for all those involved in the assessment process. 

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